Tech Free Stress Free Tanzania Safaris

tanzania safari tours

Even with the best intentions in this day and age, taking a holiday or vacation not just from work but from being contactable altogether, AKA the smartphone, isn’t as easy as it may sound.

Beep beep, email, buzz buzz text message, ding Facebook notification, each sound a reminder that despite being thousands of miles away trying to relax, you’re still being pestered. Mobile networks and Wi-Fi hot spots are being found in more and more remote locations as weeks progress so finding an almost tech free place for complete and ultimate relaxation and escapism is getting harder and harder.

But Tanzania has the answer and is one of the top destinations for travellers to experience as close a tech free holiday as is possible nowadays. Tanzania safaris tours and holidays are being cited as the top breaks to take, when you really need to take a break with everyone from those wanting to holiday with animals and not people, high flyers and also celebrities looking to escape the paparazzi.

But it’s not just about being in an area where connections are limited, the scenery, nature and wildlife are the perfect destressing tools and completely tech free, the only gadgets required are the eyes to take in the mesmerising sights.

So whatever your reason for wanting a gadget and tech free holiday, a Tanzania safari in the remote locations within this UNESCO World Heritage Site will suit and de-stress all.
The new Bush Rover mobile safari accommodation from A Tent With A View makes the remote accessible enabling true Tanzania to be experienced. Find out more here