Last Minute Lake District

lake district cottage late deals

The Lake District is going as many areas have gone before with last minute breaks and holidays trending.

This year it appears more than ever which is surely attributed to the dreadful weather experienced by so much of the UK contributing further to this growing trend. Even when it’s been fine up here, many other counties have had rain, snow and ice resulting in poor roads which naturally puts visitors off.

Last minute holiday booking all started with holidays abroad. The cheapest prices could be had and many people liked the sense on the unknown, what would they get and even, where would they end up. So it’s no surprise it has filtered into the UK holiday market and even down to individual b&b and hotel rooms. Every guest wants a bargain and possibly needs a bargain as the only chance to get away, everyone is feeling the pinch of the recession in one way or another.

Despite operators in the Lake District having to offer lower prices or giving added value at present, there is one advantage of the modern day that is helping. Twitter and Facebook can really help tourism operators get a message out of a last minute deal, a room left, a table free in a restaurant, a cancellation. Social media can be used to it’s optimum effect here.

There are currently some excellent late availability deals being offered by The Lakeland Cottage Company on many of their luxury Lake District cottages. Visit the website here